Monday, 25 April 2016

Spring blooms are everywhere this season

I passed by Zara home yesterday and I could almost smell the perfume coming from their spring windows.  Styled full of garden flowers and soft blooms which are growing on every item from bedding, to room fragances, and everything in between. It felt as if those long warm summer evenings sipping Pimms in the garden are only just around the corner.  So, to encourage the sunny weather on its way, I have put together some inspiration from some of my favorite garden blooms that are surrounding us so far this season......

flower trend board

Urban Outfitters quilt absolutely made for my bedroom

fresh spring flowerfetti cake looks so pretty

floral perspective on wedding trends

think outside the vase - House & Garden styling

Rebecca Louise Law installation at Viacom Building in Times Square 

exquisitely hand painted linen cushions in M&S

my birthday flowers - thankyou so much

Monday, 21 March 2016

Trends from London Design Week 2016 at Chelsea Harbour

London Design Week 2016 was buzzing at Chelsea Harbour last week. Champagne and canapés were enjoyed by all, whilst we browsed through the new collections and displays shown in the Harbour Domes.

Art Deco trends continue with a nostalgic turn to travel and lands full of eastern promise.....think Orient Express meets India Summer, which Missoni displayed with a mixed up wonderful pattern and colour palette reminiscent of colonial India and tea served in the conservatory.  Whist Romo displayed a collection of plant and cactus sculptures created from an eclectic range of the new Romo fabrics. My particular favorite were a selection of worldwide time pieces, each clock backed in its own exquisite fabric.

The new collections in the shops have all made a definite return to the hand-crafted look. Stitching has become heavier and remembers the hand embroiderers of the past.  Fabrics seem to be almost double sided, being unsure which is the front or the back.  Mixed up stitch and texture is everywhere! Prints look block printed and hand cut, whilst colours are natural tones of indigos, saffrons, and berry. 

For me, the main inspiration as always, is being able to see in the shops the end result of so many lovely fabrics that have been inspired by the hard work of the designers at Pattern Collective..... 

Here are some of the lovely designs and displays that we saw last week.....

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentines Day

As this is the weekend of romance, we thought we would post some of our favorite things to do, to see and to be.  Wherever you are, be inspired, and have a wonderful Valentines Day......  

pattern collective 

amy butler's lavender sachets

love print vintage typewriter poster

yoghurt dipped strawberries with a drizzle of dark chocolate

kiss me

for the feet - vivienne westwood

the original love hearts xox

valentine cocktail

Monday, 7 December 2015

This past month we have been embracing the Navajo Spirit which has been been leading the direction in both interiors and fashion.  Pendleton blankets which, without doubt, capture the travelling spirit of the wild west, are being worn as wraps on cold winter days, or upholstered onto the classic Eames chair, which we have all fallen in love with.  Colour is a relaxed palette with shades such as sand, grey and earthy reds spiced up with hits of orange and green.  Here are some of our favorite finds from this months trend stop.....

 pattern collective

 Navajo Blankets

 eames & pendleton